Lu’luul Munawwaroh, Mazroatul Ishlahiyah
UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, East Java, Indonesia


Compliments and compliment responses have been one of the most fascinating issues in synchronic linguistic, over the last three decades. A large number of studies on this issue have been published since the early 1970s. This research aims to investigate the types of compliment response strategies used by the female English learners at Darul Lughah wal Karomah Islamic boarding school. It also analyses the relationship between the speaker of the language and the society. It is conducted because the use of certain language by certain people determines their society of using certain language. Therefore, people with different language style can pick a different language when they spoke. This research used descriptive qualitative research design because this research required qualitative data selection to be analyzed descriptively. The participants of this research were female English learners at Darul Lughah wal Karomah Islamic boarding school. There were 10 female English learners selected for this research based on the criteria needed for this research. These participants help the researcher in collecting the data. The data are the utterances of female English learners containing compliment response strategies taken during the class meeting. There are two theories used in this research. The theory used to analyze the type of compliment response was Holmes (2018) and the theory used to analyze the relationship between language and the society of the participants was Sapir and Whorf (2011). This research provides the conclusion of the result of the interview with the 10 participants based on the relationship between the language of the speaker and the society. The finding of the research shows that from 100 data collected by the researcher, 52 data are in the category of ignored types, and 42 data are accepted type, from the two types above, the most dominant used is ignore types. Since the data of this research gained from classroom sessions, which consist of teacher and female English learners, therefore, some of female English learners tend to ignore the compliments from the teacher. The result of the interview shows that the society of this research’s participant can be determined from how they respond to the compliment in the class. It is found that the female English learner has different response regarding the compliment that they receive. The conclusion of this research is that even somebody lives in the same society, but the use of language style is different. The reason used by participants of the research determines how they use certain language. In summary, the participants of this research have a different reason. Some of them are from parent’s education and some of them from the teachers in the Islamic boarding school. The most dominant reason is from the principles of the Islamic boarding school the determiner of the language used by certain people can be determined by their language style.

Keywords: Compliment, Compliment Responses, Linguistic Relativity, Female English learners