Opening and Plenary Sessions

Malang – The 2nd International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Social Science (ICONETOS) with the theme of “Interdisciplinary Synergy in the COVID-19 Era: A Scientific Perspective” can run smoothly online using a Zoom meeting. The event, which was opened directly by the Rector of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, was attended by academics, lecturers, and researchers. There were no less than 117 articles presented by the participants which were grouped into 11 meeting rooms in parallel sessions.

Meanwhile, at plenary session-1, present as a keynote speakers Dr. Muhammad Ali (University of California, USA), Prof. Dr. Hj. Tutik Hamidah, M.Ag (UIN Malang), and Dr. Ilfi Nur Diana (UIN Malang), who explained more about the study of Islamic studies, religious moderation, including the role of pesantren (boarding school) in the world of Islamic education. And for the plenary session-2, the keynote speakers were Dr.-ing. Wahyudi Hasbi, M.Sc (Satellite Technology Center-LAPAN, Jakarta), Prof. Andrew Charleson (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ), and Dr. Muhaimin Ismoen (Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Brunei), discussed the study of science and technology, especially during the pandemic.

In general, this International Conference activities run well and provide inspiration for the development of science and technology, and their implementation for the welfare of the ummah.